Saturday, 5 June 2010

Kiitos (Thanks in Finnish) to the UBI Summer School Program and UBI Challenge

After a lot of fun and series of group work, we concluded successfully the Summer school on 04-06-2010. Many ideas based on the concept of UBI Display/UBI Hotspot are presented for the evaluation. One clear observation is that each presentation has at least one slide that has Google map of Oulu.

UBI Display is a kind of computer sharing by many people in the city. In this case, users are getting a private space for performing their task (Ex using Web Browser).

UBI Hotspot is a kind of access point (Ex. WiFi Access point), terminology coming from Networking people, for providing the network access to personal devices of the users Ex. Blue Tooth/Wireless Sensor Network).

UBI Challenge
The information about the UBI Challenge contest is my main take away. As a researcher, I feel that R&D assets from the UBI program is huge and can be used to experiment new technological solutions.

One idea would be to propose UBI store where users can create and share new applications and media with others for business benefits.This idea is based on the current trend from the servoce providers and a CELTRIC project called SERVERY.

I would like to particpate this contest. Please feel free to invite me if you have any new ideas to discuss.

All the photos of the UBI summer school program taken by my camera are uploaded into Picasa.


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