Sunday, 30 May 2010

UBI Summer School 2010

I reached Oulu on 29th May, 2010 for attending the summer school for one week, arranged by the UrBan Interactions program.

Mingling with Oulu:

Oulu is a small and peaceful city in Finland. I visited almost important places such as
Oulu Cathedral (Lutheran), science center, market sqares in Oulu. People are generally speaking English. I have started meeting my friends who are coming to same summer school. So far I met three Italians, one Romanian, one Polish and one Canadian.

I try to learn hello and thank you (kiitos) in Finnish.

Technical Discussion:

I met two peope today morning and they were disucssing with me about their topics.
It seems they are focusing on Internet of things in two different perspectives such as self-managing aspect and routing using IP and MAC layer cooperation.

I met two friends (my room mates) from Sweden (Dogan) and Poland (Maciej). One paper from Dogan is very interesting titled Efficient Appplication intergration in IP based sensors network.

Summer school Program:

There are six differnet aspects focusing in this workshop. The topics are real world context-aware systems, urban-informatics and sustainable cities, urban social network analysis, creating and sharing artistic experience with ubiquitous technology, IP based wireless sensor network, and Interactive textures - rethinking materiality. More information about this program can found in here.

I expect that monday plenary session will provide an abstract view on emerging urban computing paradigm. It is not clear what oppotunities and challenges around urban computng exist.

I will attend on IP based wireless sensor network session, lectured by Zach Shelby. He will inspire me by his technical expert and entrepreneurial skill.


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