Monday, 31 May 2010

2nd Ubiquitous City Seminar 2010: From ? to ?

The seven topics are disucssed in this semainar, most of them are high level view and give highlights on what tutors are going to cover in the next three days.

1. Prof Marcus talked on Urban Informatics and Sustainable cities. During the talk he mentioned that Urban informatics is a young field of study, covering communities and technology - people, place and technology.

He listed some projects (I forget the names) he worked and going to work. Now he proposes to use ubiquitous technology for reducing the carbon foot print and promoting good food culture in terms of GREEN, FIT and FUN.

2. Prof Mikael on Interactive Textures - rethinking materiality.

The computing technology is evoloved from GUI(semiotic turn), ubiquitous computing(immaterial turn), and tangible computing(material turn). He ended up with Texture as a relational lanaguage - composition, connection, competition and compromise.

3. Prof Anind dey on Real World Context-aware systems.
He presents his understanding of UbiComp - computing embedded into everyday objects and environments enhancing everyday activity. Growing pains with context systems are privacy, evalution, error, development/end user support, Intelligent. [Hold Grials with intent, human acitivity].

Context is an abstaction/apporximation for human intention.

4. Dr Zach on IP based wireless sensor network. He presented initially his vision on Internet of things - in terms of size - 10 into 12. Then He mentioned about relevant standardization issues with WSN (see the image below.).

He is leading two deployment work in Oulu - UBI- Advanced Metering Infrastruture for Univerisity of Oulu and deplying 6LoWPAN access points in Oulu city.

5. Dr Jurgen Scheible on Creating and Sharing Artistic Expereinces with Ubiquitous Technology.

He is a media artist and tries to provide tools for digitals painting in urban environments. Basically, mobile device is a basic tool for creating artisitic expereince. Some of the his project are MobiLenin, Mobi Toss, Manhatten story mashpup and Mobi spray.

He goes with his mobile phone, projectors and generators, tries to draw artistic work in public place. Main take away from this talk is .

6. Adam Greenfield on Elements of a networked urbanism.

He wrote a book called EVERYWHERE. His intention is to consider the changes in the design of network urban. The changes are :

A. From Component to resource.

B. From costant to variable.

C. from latent to explicit.

D. From held to share.

E. From expiring to persist.

F. From browse to search.

G. From anonymous to knowable.

H. From deferred to realtime.

I. From passive to interactive.

J. From object to service.

K. From ownership to use.

L. From vehicle to transmobility.

M. From work to coworking.

N. From community to network.

O. From presence to performce.

P. from consume to constituent.

He ended up with a statement of Victor Hugo >.

7. Prof Vassilis Kostakos on Urban Social Network analysis. He is interested on modelling (describe) and prediction. In his talk , he mentioned that

system= computer + human + location. City is a system.

8. Prof Timo Ojala on Open UbiquitousOulu version 2. He is the orgainser of the summer school, and is leading the project to deploy public screen in the Oulu city. Prof Timo is giving the lecture (see the image below)

Two of my friends are keen to know what UBI Display provides (see the image below).

Most of their work on UBI program are published and papers can be found here. It is good opportunity for researcher to explore and enhance (may be later, by deploying new concept/serivces) this real runtime system.


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